November 18, 2018

Winter Weather Policy


Our winter weather policy is as follows:

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School (including the Parents’ Day Out program) will follow the decision made by the Superintendent of Catholic Schools.  All television and radio outlets will broadcast whether or not the “Memphis Catholic Schools” or “Diocese of Memphis Schools” are closed.  If Catholic Schools are closed, then all related activities and all activities related to children – including after-school extracurricular activities, sports games and practices, scout meetings on our campus, and similar items will also be cancelled.  School parents should receive texts and emails regarding a school closing.

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church will not cancel the celebration of Mass, although we urge you to use caution before you try to attend.  All other activities – such as religious education classes and organization meetings – are subject to cancellation.  Our Parish Offices will likely be affected by the weather.  We may open late, close early or we may be unable to open at all.  If Catholic Schools are closed, then our offices will likely be closed as well.  If you have any doubt, please call the office before you leave home or work.

If there are cancellations to be reported or if our offices will be closed, then we will post them here on this website, on our Facebook page, and we will change the greeting on the office phone system.  Our parish office number is 901-756-1213.

Please remember that weather changes rapidly and it is impossible to clear our sidewalks, parking lots and driveways during an active storm.  It is also difficult to clear all of them in a short amount of time.  Please use caution.