September 15, 2019

Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – A Holy Day of Obligation

Thursday, August 15, we celebrate the solemnity of the Assumption of Mary. It is a holy day of obligation and Masses will be celebrated at 8:15 AM, 12:00 PM and 7:00 PM. 

The Church Office and Parish Life Center will be closed.

 Solemnities  are celebrations that mark the most significant events in the life of Jesus, his Mother, and those most closely united to him in the work of salvation, such as St. Joseph, St. John the Baptist, and Sts. Peter and Paul. Solemnities take precedence over other liturgical celebrations, except the Sundays of Advent, Lent, Holy Week, and the Easter season, when they are generally transferred to the following Monday.  The Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary is the teaching that the Immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory [Pius XII, Munificentissimus Deus 44].