September 15, 2019

St. Vincent de Paul Angel Trees This Weekend!

The St. Vincent de Paul Angel Trees will be in the Narthex beginning November 24th. Ornaments can be selected after all Masses.

The St. Vincent de Paul Angel Trees help a number of people have a nicer Christmas, including, among others: ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOUP KITCHEN: 200 homeless; GRACE HEALTH CARE (formerly Cordova Rehab): 235 senior residents; SIGNATURE AT ST. PETER VILLA: 180 residents; PORTER LEATH CHILDREN’S HOME: 100 children. 

The gifts with ornaments attached should be returned and placed under the tree no later than December 9th.

It is very important that the ornament be securely attached to the gift so that it can be distributed properly.  Gifts for Porter Leath Children’s Home should not be wrapped, but can be placed in a gift bag with the ornament attached.

May God bless your generosity, and grant you a very Merry Christmas!

                                               ~Society of St. Vincent de Paul