October 18, 2017

Room in the Inn

St. Francis is joining with other churches in the Memphis area to serve those experiencing homelessness. You can help by inviting the homeless to be our guests at Room in the Inn, every Thursday night, from November 2nd through the end of March, 2018, at the Ozanam Center (St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen), 1306 Monroe. We will be offering food and shelter to those in need of our aid. You can assist in this endeavor by preparing and serving dinner, sharing in fellowship, arranging sleeping quarters or serving as a Laundry Angel. There is a job for everyone.

Please stop by the Room in the Inn table in the Narthex, Saturday & Sunday, October 7th and 8th after Mass.  For more  information, please call Jim Burge at (901) 254-1595.

You may also help by donating much needed items, a complete listing of which will appear in an upcoming bulletin.

If Thursdays are not convenient, you can find out the host locations of all other nights during this five-month period by visiting www.roomintheinn-memphis.org.